In Real Life

In the same way that our Zwift rides get uploaded onto the likes of Strava, Training Peaks, etc, why can our in-real-life road or mtb rides get uploaded onto zwift, especially if we have a, weekly miles/kilometers/time goal to try and attain.
It ok this time of year, when the weather here in UK is quite poor, but in the summer time, it’s nice to get some “fresh air” miles.
With the gadgets and technology, speed, cadence and power sensors,we have on our bikes I would have thought this would be a doddle for the zwift administrators.

Or is this just my way of thinking?

What you are describing is Strava’s purpose.
Zwift has a different goal.


Yep agreed, all my rides go to strava and also Garmin, so that’s both outdoor and indoor miles go towards my weekly, monthly and annual goals

You can do this if you want. Just run Zwift on your phone in your jersey pocket when you ride IRL, connected to your bike’s power meters, and you’re set.

Makes sense, I’d want Overwatch to track my IRL activities too :smiley:

It would be simple enough, but you are supposed to be riding on Zwift - not outside! :slight_smile:

If people are outside riding then they aren’t using Zwift.

So you have to choose between enjoying outside rides with your friends or sweating away inside to get that all important (haha) XP for the race to the next level. :wink: