XP point for outdoor rides


It would be interesting to bonus XP points for outdoor outputs, it would be an interesting way to keep the subscription.


But Zwift wants you to use Zwift, not ride outside. Why would they give XP for not using their product? That would be like Whole Foods giving you points for shopping at Walmart.



I think what interests zwift is that you pay;), when the good weather comes it is likely that I will not use much zwift and I will unsubscribe but if I reward with xp the outdoor outputs it would be interesting.

A greeting

You can do that already? Open your phone app before you outdoor ride, sync H/Power and choose a raide.Put phone in backpocket and when you come home, click save. Kind of cheating i guess. But other than that i dont see a need for what you are saying.

there are even head units that can run Zwift now. GP Lama reviewed one a few months ago, android based.