Run outside and count in-real-life km on Zwift Run

Hi. It takes a while to get the “run 1000 miles” badge, so it would be nice to count in-real-life runs as well. Suggesting the following feature for Zwift Run: That an in-real-life run can be imported as a run on the May Field 400 meter. Simply only the distance is applied to the May Field, no elevation, no HR, no cadence, just the km run outside shown as km on the May Field, and off course the day and time that it happened. Please comment and support this if you would like such feature or similar to be able to count in-real-life run distance. Thanks :slight_smile:

This has been asked about before (mostly for cycling, e.g. What about my outdoor rides? or XP point for outdoor rides), and doesn’t normally find much support.

But if you really do want to accumulate Zwift XP/distance while running outside, you can do that. You just need to take your phone along and run Zwift while you’re running. I used to do it while paired with my Stride pod. It worked well, although it drains the battery quite quickly.

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Probably drains your battery in under an hour.

For me Zwift is Zwift and outside is outside.

Totally different entities.

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Yes, but I don’t have a treadmill and I wanted to unlock the headband. :smiley:

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Nice work, understandable. I wear mine on the bike too.

I actually wear a headband when running in real life. Proper old school towel type one.

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