Running miles

I’m using the running pod outside. I ran 34 km this week that are reflected in the weekly tally, but in the overall total km box it only reflects 22 added miles. How is this possible?

Are you running outside whilst using Zwift on your phone?

Yes I am. I have it on Zwift the whole time and wait for the phone to connect back to my internet before saving the run. Some times it saves correctly and sometimes it only saves to weekly mile and not the overall miles.

Going back to your original question: 34km = 21.13 miles, so it seems within reason that running 34km would add 22 miles to your overall.

I did that calculation too Nige but assumed the OP had covered that in his thinking?

My other thought is the phone may be going to sleep in the background and thus not recording once the screen goes off.

I think what OP is saying is that it adds to 7 Days total

(He has just done another short run)
But it is not always adding to All Time total

I can’t help further !

Negative. All my stats are in km. I walked this morning so now it is 37 km in the 7 day window and only 830 km in the all time window. If you go to my overall stats and add them together since I earned the 500 mile (805 km) badge, you will will notice that I have ran 37 km which should reflect 842 km.

On may 18th I earned the 500 mile (805 km) badge. I ran the following since
May 31. 2.62 km
June 3. 6.26 km
June 5. 6.3 km
June 6. 4.01 km
June 7. 5.8 km
June 8. 6.52 km
June 8. 5.13 km
June 9. 3.01 km
That adds up to 39.64 km and the all time total should therefore be 845 km and not 830 km. The run did save individually but the total miles did not reflect in the total miles. I’m just wondering if this is a glitch that needs to be fixed in the program.

I agree with your calculations and logic. I was just trying to get to a position where I fully understood your original post question. I now understand the point you are making but don’t think I can help and this may be a question for Zwift support?

I have two observations to make:

Your OP sort of implied that the issue came about in the last week. Could I ask if you are sure that when you received the 500 mile badge your All Time distance run actually showed 500 miles. This might seem like an odd question but there are odd goings on in Zwift from time to time. Did you often keep an eye on the All Time distance or have you just started taking note of it since receiving the 500 mile badge?

When I was very new to Zwift I noticed in my first month that the miles ridden in my 30 day total was more than my All Time distance. Not by very much but it seemed odd but otherwise of little concern to me.

Hope you are able to get to the bottom of your question.

I thought of that too, but why is it recording them in the feed and showing all the time per mile, cadence and heart rate. If it saves in one section it should report them in all. It is just the all time total miles that does not reflect them. The 30 day and 7 day period to show the added miles.

Yes. It was at 500 miles exactly. It does it periodically throughout since I have been using the run pod but only during outdoor runs and only in the all time section. Maybe the programmers can fix it in the next update.