Zwift record the datas on Strava like outdoor activities.

Helloo Zwift :slight_smile:

I have an idea for you: The zwift´s road could be recorded on strava, with
all your info, kms per hour, route, rank…everything. It´ll be more competitive and it´ll can
expand the experiences of users. For that, could be very simple, just turn the
zwift compatible with strava (generate xml extension of what´s being riding for users) and all rides taken by the athlete will be on the strava too, like an activity outdoor!!
It´ll be very nice to Zwift reach this!! :slight_smile:



Not really following what you are asking for.

Zwift rides can already be automatically upload to Strava just like outdoor activities and you can compare segments with yourself and other riders.

I´m new here :slight_smile: well, that´s very nice! Thanks for information!

You can connect Zwift to Strava here:

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