Zwift not syncing with Strava - Dec 2019

I’m new to Zwift, but I read all the instructions closely. Strava says Zwift is linked, but I did my first ride and nothing downloaded to Strava. Not sure what else I can do? Any help greatly appreciated. I want to be able to track training with Strava. Thanks.

You can download the activity from and manually upload it to Strava.

When riding on Zwift did you see other riders on course?

It is connected. Zwift says it’s connected to Strava, and Strava says Zwift is connected, but it does not automatically download to Strava. I manually downloaded the ride and uploaded to Strava and it worked, but it would be nice if it was automatic.

I did a test ride in Watopia (still not sure what that is…), and there were other riders.

I am still on the free trial. Would that matter?

That shouldn’t matter, what device are you using to run Zwift? I saw a Zwift staff person post in another thread that you have to exit the program completely (force close on some devices) for the info to be sent to Zwift and 3rd party sites. If you are on Windows 10 then it closes automatically when you finish a ride and save it, however, other devices such as Apple TV and Android don’t close when you finish a ride.

I’m on my HP Laptop, running Windows 10. Not sure if this is related to the other issues Zwift has been having with Windows 10?

As far as I know there are no issue with Zwift running on Win10.

Let’s see if your second ride uploads to Zwift.

Just an FYI, Zwift rides need to be at least 2km to be automatically uploaded to 3rd party sites. I know your last one was about 5.5km so that should not have been the issue.

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I’m on Windows 10 and my ride this morning uploaded just fine.

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I did two rides tonight, and they both transferred automatically to Strava, so it’s all good now.

I love my new Kickr Core and Zwift!! I don’t really know how to use the app yet, but I’ll figure it out.