Zwift upload to Strava - help!

Hi there, I’m new to Zwift but really enjoying it.

One issue that I’m finding is that I cannot get my rides to automatically upload to Strava. Has anyone else found this, any tips you can share?

I’ve done everything that I think I need to, i.e. allowing Strava to access Zwift data, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Please help!

Many thanks


Hi @MattStopp, welcome to the forums.

You may need to allow Zwift to connect to Strava in both the Zwift companion app and in the Strava app.

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Thanks Mike - I will try that and let you know how I get on

Hi Mike - connecting in the Companion app seems to have done the trick.

Automatic updates to Strava now happening

Appreciate your help - thanks :pray:

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