Connect to strava

Ive read previous posts on this subject, but my rides still wont upload to Strava. Also i cannot download from the website in the format to suit strava. i am on the 7 day trial.

In Strava, in your settings/profile there is a tab called Partner Integrations, make sure that Zwift is enabled. There is a setting under MyZwift profile/connections where Strava need to be enabled.
In Zwift, or you can downlaod a .fit file that you can import into Strava under Import.

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Are you sure you are correctly connected to your Strava account from Zwift? And what method are you using to try to get the Zwift rides to Strava manually? It looks like Zwift will export a .fit file, which should be sufficient to import to Strava.

I have now managed to upload files manually.
Just checked Strava and Zwiftit is enabled.

I have reset connections and will try another ride.
Thanks for help