Upload to strava

I finish a ride on Zwift, save and then it’s says it will be uploaded to strava (strava icon is white) but ride never appears. Both Zwift and Strava say they are connected but nothing ever appears, this is stopping me joining Zwift as want to see rides on Strava…can someone help, I’ve disconnected and reconnected Strava as previously advised but still the same issue 

Same here Andy, just started doing it today, it was fine yesterday


This happen so sometimes, you can manually upload the .fit  file from /documents/Zwift/activates 

Thanks Paul, i have just done it now, cheers

Paul - it’s never uploaded any rides to Strava…surely I don’t have to manual upload every time ? 

I have sent a ticket Andy, and will let you know the outcome

Yesterdays ride didn’t upload to strava properly. I rode 1:05:00 but it only uploaded 0:55:00 worth and strava did not show proper data (just time was shown) can I re-upload?