Strava Upload

 Zwift is no longer uploading to Strava, it did so before no problem.

I have tried connecting and disconnecting to Strava, no results.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Giacomo, I’m not showing you’ve done a ride in the past 24 hours (since this update went live).  Only rides a couple of kilometers in length are candidates for saving to Strava or other third parties.  The last ride long enough to upload was about 24 hours ago - did that one upload?

Hi Jon. the last ride I did was on 6th Jan and it did upload. How long does the ride need to be ?


Hi again Jon. Did 3 km and it uploaded. Thanks again and regards.

I rode 25.5 miles today and I need to download to Strava, how can I upload?


Thank you


You can download your .fit file from here: and manually upload it to Strava.


I’m having this same problem.just completed a 30.1 km ride and Strava was grayed  out when the save page loaded.

It would be nice to persist these connections when updates occur, unlike other cycling partners (starts with G, ends with “armin”).

Hi, same problem…the last ride that successfully uploaded was  January 21.  Since then the following rides have not…Jan 23, Jan 26, Jan 28, Jan 29, Jan 31, Feb 1 & 3rd and today (4th).


Are there step by step instructions somewhere of how to upload the Zwift files manually?