Zwift upload to Strava [SOLVED]

Hello guys,

I just had my first steps into zwift, I’m having a problem to upload my first ride of 25KM to strava?
I have connected Zwift and Strava but it doesn’t upload automatically…
Is there someone who can help me to do this?

Thanks in advance
Florian from Belgium!

Hi @florian_depoorter, welcome to the forums. I believe you have to allow both Strava and Zwift to connect with each other. Did you link it up through just Zwift, or just through Strava, or both?

If only linking through Zwift, you will also need to log into Strava and allow permission to link up with your Zwift account.


HI @florian_depoorter welcome to Zwift forums.
It appears this did not work because you had not connected to Strava until after this ride was done. It should work moving forward.

Sessions that did not sync can be uploaded to Strava manually by sending them your FIT file. Here is how to do that.

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Problem solved thank you so much!

Ciao, ho do yo resolve?
I’ve ry to do one littler ride , <2km but i cannot see nothing

Zwift will not upload anything less than 2km, are you saying your ride was more or less than 2km?

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Under 2km