Zwift and Strava issue auto-upload

I need help. I started with Zwift yesterday. I think i have done all the steps in order to have Zwift rides uploaded automatically to Strava after each ride is done and saved.
Well, as you maye already guested, they are not. I record all rides over android based phone, samsung.
PC is too old (windows 7)
Please look at the screenshots i have submitted. What else i cant do to force Zwift to upload my rides?
Why even though i did 2 very short rides (~2km) they are not visible in “Just Me” on zwift platform?
I can see .fit files when i browse Zwift aplication though.


Hi @Pawel_Wiech

Welcome to the forum.

Zwift won’t upload such short rides, I think the min is around 2km. Try doing a 5km ride and see if that work.

On a side note what is the spec of your windows 7 PC, most can run Windows 10.