Strava syncing

Hi there I just subscribed to the service. All seems working well after some initial heartbreaking efforts trying to get the avatar to move. However , although all account connections seemed linked i.e. , Garmin and Strava , the activity does not show in Strava. What could I possibly doing wrong

Hi @Kieran_Murphy

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I see your first ride was 3 km, there are a minimum ride distance before it will upload to strava. I think it is 5km.

@Paul_Allen can help with the exact number.

This is from Seth:

thank you for your help. i was only setting it up so i did a short ride


Try it again, it should work, if not let us know so we can investigate.


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Two days in a row my ride didn’t load to Strava. Any idea what’s happening? The upload is normally almost instantaneously after I’m done.

Same issue here. No Strava rides have uploaded in last few days. It looks as though the previous setting to upload automatically has been turned off- not conscious of doing this myself and although I ma purely speculating I wonder whether a bug has been introduced with some update. I cannot remember how to turn on automatic upload- can anyone remind me?

Log onto my zwift go to your profile /connections then connect to strava from there

Sorted thanks.

Hi! My ride did not sync with Strava, it also doesn’t show the name I give the ride, it only shows 03/04/2020.

Do you know if this syncing could be delayed or what went wrong? I have not changed anything to my Strava or Zwift settings, where it normally syncs and works.
Thanks in advance!

Did you get this resolved? Suddenly, this past Tuesday my last Zwift ride sync’d to Strava and since then, I’ve completed a few Zwift rides and nothing is uploading?
All connections have been updated to allow Zwift to Strava, Zwift to Garmin Connection, etc… still nothing?