Can I upload a ride from Zwift to my Strava?

I have completed a ride before I realised that I needed to connect my Strava account. Is it possible to still be able to upload the ride to my Strava? If so can someone please tell me how?

Yep, you can download the ride here: and manually upload it to Strava.

Where do you download the file to ?

Just download it using any computer and then you should be able to upload it to Strava.

Ok , can’t do on a iPhone ?

Download the .fit file from and manually upload it to Strava using an iPhone? Not that I know of.

You can pair Zwift directly to Strava for automatic upload from Zwift to Strava on completion of your zwift ride.

He is asking about a ride before you connected Zwift to Strava.

Thanks Paul.
It couldn’t be done from my phone (Samsung s9) but from a pc.
Basically from Zwift I had to download that specific ride onto my desktop. Then on my Strava in the top right corner next to my profile there’s a + and this is where I uploaded my ride manually as it gave me the option to upload my ride that I
had downloaded onto my desktop.

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Oh, I didn’t need steps on how it’s done, I have done it many times.

Sorry. The steps wasn’t for your benefit but for people in the future who come across the problem that I encountered, that’s all.
Just thought by being clearer on what needed to be done could potentially help others.