Strava Connect - How?

New, well just over a month. I am enjoying this and now want to share on Strava but I can’t see how it’s done?

I googled and it said go to my profile in Zwift and select settings. But I don’t have that option?

Has it been dropped. What’s the alternative?

Zwift Companion App - you can connect your Zwift account with Strava directly

Got it thanks.

I presume I can’t upload rides already completed and will just have to wait until the next to see if this is working?

You can manually upload the .fit files from your Activities folder.

Here’s a link on how to upload old activities using .fit files.
Edit: Fixed link

Select upload file from your computer.

Brilliant. Thanks. I have managed to get today’s ride uploaded and will see if tomorrow now automatically posts.

Thanks once more.

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