1st ride dowloaded to Strava first time but today several trial rides will not save or download

downloaded to Strava on 21st

Tried to save and send to Strava 3 times this evening but ride does not do either   screen reverts to Save ride button and if I click anywhere on this page it just hangs and eventually dies

Hey Bob - 

When you select to exit Zwift, if the button says ‘Save’ instead of ‘Save + Strava’, then there is no Strava account connected to your Zwift profile. It sounds like you had it connected at some point in the past, if your first ride appeared on Strava, and it may have been accidentally disconnected from your profile.

Luckily, reconnecting it is easy! In your favorite web browser, open two tabs. In the first, navigate to Strava.com and log into your Strava account. In the second tab, navigate to Zwift.com and log in using your Zwift credentials to access your dashboard. On the right side of the screen you should see a Strava connect box - click that connect button! Once you connect your Strava account, your saved rides will automatically post to your Strava profile.

Hope this helped!

I click on the ‘Save+Strava’ at the end of my rides but It doesn’t upload. I went to my profile/dashboard and see my two rides listed and I see a Strava connect box that says connected. I even clicked on the box which disconnected me, so I then reconnected to make sure. Yet, nothing has automatically posted to my Strava profile. Did I miss a step?

If I can’t upload automatically is there a way to find my file and manually upload to Strava?


I did a ride under the free trial and did not realize that I have to pay to upload my rides to Strava. I however enrolled in the monthly subscription and connected my Zwift account to Strava. I want to upload my ride to Strava. I logged into my Zwift account, but don’t see the Strava connect box on my dashboard. I want to upload my ride and any help is much appreciated.

Update -  I was able to upload the .fit file to Strava. However my original question still remains.


You can link Zwift to Strava here: https://my.zwift.com/profile/connections