Zwift Activity not contributing to Workload on Garmin

Hi all,

Has anyone noticed this week that their activities from Zwift have stopped adding to the training status on Garmin Connect? I usually upload all my rides and see inmediately the activities on Connect but since last week whenever they load, my training status doesn’t add up the relative effort for the activity to my workload. It still uploads the activity but it just doesn’t count for my training status workload or VO2 Max score. Has anyone had this error or know what’s going on? Thanks.

IMHO, you have to record a workout with a Garmin device to add to your training status and compute vo2. Paolo, Fenix 5.

Yes Garmin is going down the path that Polar took a few years ago, where they close/ protect their data. And we know where Polar is now.

Garmin want us to use the garmin device to record the data and only then will it update VO2 max and training effect.

but before it would compute workload from activities coming from zwift. or else my data wouldn’t make sense. I have seen the workload increase previously after a zwift ride and now it’s not adding up. Just seems weird that all of a sudden it’s not counting it. Only strava has my work load info more accurate

would you say its best i connect both my trainer to the zwift companion app and to my watch and record both activities?

Yes you can do that, but then you wont have distance and the Map in GC. And you will have duplicate activities.

I just stopped using GC. :cry:

I do use GC for outdoor activities, too, so I disconnected GC from Strava. Of course when needed I’m forced to manually upload to Strava.

Ah but then I can’t see my outdoor runs alongside the ride info. since i train for triathlons i’m just trying to see all my activity on one platform and since i dont run on zwift i cant really measure overall progress. It’s not that big an issue to not see workload “correct” or VO2 max but it would be useful.


That makes sense.

Then pair your watch to your trainer and record your activity, but don’t let Zwift sync to GC.

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OK I see. But does that still capture distance and elevation? or just speed cadence power and hr?

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Just power, HR and cadence. It may capture speed but that won’t match Zwift speed.


@Jose_Ricardo_Alverde you can edit the Garmin activity. While it will have a distance it is estimated off a speed sensor on your wheel or by your trainer (it won’t be the same as in Zwift). I go into my Garmin activity and edit the distance to match Zwift and you can also add the elevation gained.

Not perfect but it at least allows me to get the training stats (Aerobic/Anaerobic/Tempo/VO2max etc).