Help setting up zwift + strava + garmin connect

Long-time user of both Zwift and Strava, but new to Garmin Connect (just bought a Garmin watch… Forerunner 955).

I’m hoping that someone can help me to understand the optimal way to add the Garmin watch to the mix when I’m training indoors on Zwift, such that my Zwift session data contributes to my VO2max and training effect information in Garmin Connect.

My historical setup (before adding Garmin to the mix) has always been:

  1. Power and cadence from Assioma pedals (the bike is on ‘non-smart’ rollers)
  2. HR from Polar HR monitor
  3. Zwift app running on an Ipad that is connected to the Assioma and Polar sensors

After I’m done with a Zwift workout, my historical routine has always been to download my .fit files from the Zwift site and manually import them into Strava on my PC (I can’t remember at this point why I never directly connected the accounts).

Now that I also have the Forerunner 955, I’m not sure what the best setup is when I’m riding indoors (or outdoors, for that matter… where I’ve historically always used a dedicated head unit to read data from Assioma pedals, speed/cadence sensor on bike, and HR monitor).

When indoors, I’d like my Zwift rides to be reflected in my Garmin Connect activity history. I can achieve this by simply importing my Zwift .fit files into Garmin Connect (without changing my historical setup at all… that is, without using the watch to log sensor data), but I notice that when I do that, Garmin Connect doesn’t show VO2max, TSS/IF, or Training Effect data from the Zwift rides. I’d like the Zwift rides to be reflected in those metrics, and I’m not quite sure how to achieve that.

Any suggestions or pointers much appreciated. And sorry for the somewhat off-topic question – the whole Garmin ecosystem is new to me and is a bit confusing.

Use the direct Zwift:Connect link.

When you’ve finished your ride, you should see it in Connect.

Now sync your watch.

Sync it again.

Now you should see your Garmin-calculated data (Training Effect, Training Status etc) in Connect.


Oh, lovely, thank you. That’s simpler than I imagined it might be!