Sync Garmin Watch with Zwift?


I am rather new to this forum. I do my bike training with Zwift and everything works fine :slight_smile: Since I am training for a triathlon I track my run and swim workouts with my Garmin watch (Forerunner 945). Is it somehow possible to sync/pair my Zwift bike training results to my Garmin watch?
I would like to see for example my overall training status, which currently always lacks the bike data or just see the bike trainings in my previous workout overviews on the watch. (and i really my the garmin watch, not the garmin connect app)


On your Garmin, just use the “Bike Indoor” activity to record your ride while you are using Zwift – you can connect your trainer, heart rate monitor, and cadence sensor to your watch. You end up with somewhat different mileage, but the key metrics – power and heart rate – will be accurate.

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thank you, does it mean i connect my trainer (Taxc Neo 2) to my laptop (for zwift) & to my garmin at the same time?

Yes, exactly. Just like your Garmin will recognize other sensors (e.g. heart rate monitors, shoe pods), it should recognize your trainer – at least it works for my Kickr Snap.

Thank you, this works (obviously) :slight_smile:
Now I have 2 recordings which are synced with the garmin connect app, with trainingspeaks and with strava. I still need the sync with trainginpeaks to get my workout into zwift. What are the best solutions to avoid the two recordings? Do I just not save my zwift workout after i finished it?


Wouldn’t you end up with two rides in Strava (if auto syncing)?

My understanding is that Garmin only uses recordings from the watch for its training metrics, so it doesn’t really matter whether you save the Zwift workout. As a matter of personal preference, I save my Zwift workouts, then I manually delete the Zwift record from Garmin Connect, and I delete the Garmin record from Strava. I don’t use trainingpeaks, so I don’t know what makes sense for that application.

Yes, you end up with two rides in Strava. As noted in a different reply, I manually delete the Garmin record from Strava – it just takes a few seconds.