One-way TrainingPeaks Sync

Hi, I was instructed by Zwift support to open this feature request:

I want to push workouts from TrainingPeaks to Zwift so I can use its interface for my training, but since I’m always recording on my Garmin Edge as the single source of truth for my workouts, I need this sync to be one-way such that Zwift does not push back the recorded activity, otherwise I get two activities in TrainingPeaks.

Reasons I use my Garmin activity rather than Zwift:

  • It’s the most accurate as it pulls all cycling dynamics data, HRV, temperature, etc. over ANT+ (see Zwift not recording L/R balance)
  • It counts toward Garmin badge/challenge completions (yes, I like these!)
  • It’s cognitively easiest to have exactly one place to record and save all my training (my Garmin devices) rather than relying on syncs

So for those reasons and more, no matter what I’m doing (riding outside, Zwifting, using TrainerRoad) I record on my Garmin Edge (or Forerunner) and let Garmin Connect push the .FIT file to TrainingPeaks/TrainerRoad/Strava/ For what it’s worth, TrainerRoad has this level of granularity with Garmin Connect, a similar setup interface for Zwift and TrainingPeaks is what I’m asking for: