Upload Data to TrainingPeaks

(Kai Glaesner (Team ROFL)) #1

Hello, an automatic upload of training data to TrainingPeaks would be highly appreciated.

If there are planned workouts existing on TrainingPeaks, the data should be added to the workout that matches the Zwift ride closest in terms of type/duration/time-of-day.

(Mickey Smith) #2


(Michael Henasey) #3


(John Damore) #4


(Jim Booth) #5

Yes Please!


(Hans Magne Holst) #6


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(Jason Shearer www.msgravelcup.com) #8

Would be really nice to have rides automatically uploaded to TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect.


(Scott) #9

You can now connect your TrainingPeaks account by logging into your dashboard at zwift.com and navigating to Settings > Connections.

Ride On!

(John Damore) #10

Ride on!!


(Jason Shearer www.msgravelcup.com) #11

Kick ass guys!  Thank you for listening and implementing the features we want.


(Scott) #12

Kai - in response to your question about how Zwift rides automatically match up to TrainingPeaks planned workouts, we confirmed the logic with TrainingPeaks and added it to this FAQ

(Kai Glaesner (Team ROFL)) #13

Simply put: I like it and I like the way you listened to this demand…! Keep up your good work & Ride On!

(andreas erfurt) #14

will past Zwift rides be uploaded to trainingpeaks as well once the connection is established? or do I need to manually upload those into trainingpeaks?

(Scott) #15

Hi Andreas - you’ll need to manually upload any past Zwift rides you did prior to connecting 3rd party accounts like TrainingPeaks, Strava or Today’s Plan. You can download past activity FIT files by logging into your dashboard at zwift.com.

(andreas erfurt) #16

Hey Scott - Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. Thx. :wink: