Zwift auto uploading TrainingPeaks

Hi Guys, 


Is there a way to connect TrainingPeaks and Zwift so Zwift gets the planned workout but that it does not upload back to T.P. 
I want to do this since I record all my info with my garmin, but If Zwift auto uploads the w.o ill end up with a duplicate. 




Yes, you can do it. After race or workout, you can save your exercise directly on garmin, strava and training peak account. On the zwift website, you must connect zwift with these applications.

Hi Oliver.

That’s exactly what I don’t want to do. I don’t want Zwift saving on TrainingPeaks but I still want to get the workouts on zwift

I don’t think there is anyway to allow just one-way communication and you are going to have to delete the duplicate WO.