Training Peaks one way sync

More of a support question really.

Does anyone know how to set up TP so that it just syncs workouts to Zwift. I dual record using a Garmin head unit so I always get double the entries on TP. I don’t want the zwift file syncing back to TP.

How can I do this? I can do it using different services but for some reason I can’t see this option.

Hi @Bobert (Rob),

You ask an interesting question, and I’ll do my best to help!

So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re just wanting the TrainingPeaks workouts to sync to Zwift, but you’re not wanting any of your post ride activities to upload the .fit file to your TrainingPeaks calendar, is that correct?

Assuming that’s the case, to my knowledge there’s no way to configure the connection between TrainingPeaks and Zwift to allow one, but not the other. It even says when you connect TrainingPeaks to Zwift that you’re allowing Zwift permission to “Upload workout files to your TrainingPeaks account” and “Read the workout(s) of the day from your TrainingPeaks account”; there’s no options to allow just one or the other.

As a possible workaround, I suppose you can go through the process to sync your TrainingPeaks workout to Zwift, do your workout, and before you save the activity, go into the Zwift Companion app (or the Zwift website), disconnect TrainingPeaks from Zwift, then go back to Zwift and save your activity.

Of course, once you’ve done this, you’ll have to go back to your Zwift account later and connect TrainingPeaks to Zwift again in order to sync further workouts. That’s a fairly clunky potential workaround though, so I’m not sure I’d recommend it unless you’re dead set on the Zwift .fit files not uploading to TrainingPeaks at all.

Another possibility is that you can just leave Zwift disconnected from TrainingPeaks entirely, and then manually upload the .ZWO files to Zwift. You should be able to download the .ZWO files from TrainingPeaks for any workouts you’ve created in TrainingPeaks. This typically requires a computer for Zwift, however, as you’ll need to copy the .ZWO files to your Documents → Zwift → Workouts → (ZwiftID) folder. You can find more info about manually uploading .ZWO files in the Importing Custom Workouts- PC/Mac section of this article.

As a side note, you mentioned that you’re recording your Zwift rides with the Garmin head unit, but when I hear that people do that, I’m never quite sure I understand why this is done. Why not just using the .fit file results from Zwift? It should be more accurate to use the Zwift .fit file because the speed and distance numbers recorded by a Garmin bike computer won’t match up with the Zwift .fit file due to Zwift calculating those numbers differently. The bike computer measures your speed and distance while you’re stationary, but the Zwift .fit file is going to account for aspects of the virtual world like incline, drafting, and other variables to get those stats.

Thank you for your lengthy response. I shall submit a ticket with TP and ask them if they can implement this feature instead. The steps you’ve outlined are cumbersome and less than ideal.

With regards dual recording, it is precisely the speed and distance from Zwift that I don’t want. I only record power, HR and cadence. I have no use for simulated speed/distance/GPS data from Zwift.

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Understood, Rob, and I appreciate you explaining why you don’t prefer the Zwift .fit file data, and instead prefer the data from your Garmin head unit. That does make sense so again, thanks for sharing that info.

Regarding your reaching out to TrainingPeaks, that’s a good idea. You can also search the Feature Requests section of the Zwift Forums, see if there’s anything comparable to your request, and feel free to upvote any you find. If you don’t find anything matching the description of your request, then you can create a new post in that part of the forums, and others will have the opportunity to view and upvote it.

As I understand it, there are those in Zwift’s organization who keep tabs on the Feature Requests part of the forums, so there’s a chance that popular requests will be developed and implemented into Zwift.

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