How to sync old Zwift rides into my new Training Peaks account

Just started a TrainingPeaks account, and have linked it to Zwift. My new Zwift rides now show up in TP, but I haven’t figured out yet how to sync all of my historic Zwift rides into the app? Is that possible?

Not automatically to my knowledge. However you can go to and manually download the fit files and upload it that way to TrainingPeaks

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Thanks Daniel. I’ll take that approach. Bummer not an easier way…lots of rides to manually download!

If you use zwiftpower then you can go to your zwiftpower profile, activities then click create fit file. That will send you an email with all fit files in it.


you are the man! thanks!

After a lot of searching I foundation the easiest way. Export all your data from strava on demand incl. All zwift, wahoo, etc data. Then you have to upload it all into garmin connect. From garmin connect all your historical data is automaticly uploaded into trainingpeaks…

Hi guys, I have problem. Non of my old zwift rides synced with TP. Everything from Garmin connect synced well except zwift rides. I connected zwift to TP as well and nothing. Tired to disconnect and connect back and no luck. Any advice ?
Kind regards Peter

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I don’t think old rides will load to TP. Best is to download from Strava and import to TP.

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how to do this ? any easy way ? Also if I will download them from strava and I have there rides from Garmin will they overlap ? Will I have two same rides ? As I already synced them with Garmin Connect

I would suggest a google search.

great idea :wink: I’m doing that 3rd day already. They all have answer how to do other way ( sending trainings from training peaks to zwift ) Not sure if I’m only one who start using TP and wants to have all rides/trainings transfered from Zwift to TP for analyzing performance ??? It is for me at least 5 month of data.

This is what I found.

And for more Strava export advice;

If you have been using Zwift on a pc or mac then you can find all your activity .fit files in the documents folder.

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If you use zwift on a mac, in you document folder there is a folder called Zwift. If you then go to activities you find all .fit files. Select all and drop on you calendar in trainingpeaks