Trainingpeaks workout sync broken in 1.5.0775

Up until yesterday my Trainingpeaks rides would show up in Zwift for the day of the workout without fail. Since the 1.5.0775 upgrade this key feature has broken.

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Trainingpeaks account. I have created multiple power based test workouts for the current day, and have copied workouts which previously synced successfully into today. They do not sync. I have exited and reloaded the application after each test.

Manually exporting the workout from TP as a .zwo file and placing in the appropriate workouts directory DOES WORK (these show up in custom workouts) - but the same workouts (renamed) do not sync from TP automatically.

This is a crucial feature, if this is not fixed immediately I’ll be moving to Sufferfest.