Syncing of 'copied' workouts in TrainingPeaks

I’ve observed on several occasions now training peaks workouts not syncing into zwift. If i create a workout from scratch in trainpeaks, it will sync in zwift successfully.

Though if I then copy this workout (or any previous workout) and paste it into today’s date or a date in the future, the workout will never sync if zwift (either today or if i wait for the date of the planned workout).

The workouts do sync successfully onto my wahoo bolt each time, so I believe it might be a bug with zwift.

The workaround is to create each workout from scratch to ensure it syncs to zwift correctly. This is slightly annoying when i have about 4 go to workouts I use.

Has anybody else observed this issue??

I realize your post is very old, but just in case this is still an issue for you it might help.

I was having the same problem and contacted Training Peaks support. Apparently Zwift has problems with multiple Training Peaks workouts with the same name.

Apparently these duplicate named workouts are getting synced to Zwift, just not in the main “For You” page. In Zwift if you go to Workouts->Custom Workouts you should see a Training Peaks folder. In the folder should be your missing workout. Training Peaks did mention that the missing workout still only appears in Zwift on the day it is scheduled. This seems to work for me, hope it works for you.

Another thing I found, that renaming the missing workout in my Training Peaks calendar to a unique name will get that workout to sync to the normal “For You” main page in Zwift. Not sure which method I will use. Probably looking in the Custom work out folder since you have to restart Zwift after renaming a workout in the Training Peaks calendar to get it sync over.

I asked TP support if this was their problem or a Zwift problem and they indicated it was Zwift. I have not tried raining a problem report with Zwift yet … not sure it would be worth the effort.

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