Zwift -> Strava auto-upload not working since linking Trainingpeaks

(Paul Blomerus) #1

Autoupload to Strava had been working great for me until my most recent ride in the KISS Europe Tuesday race. Uploaded automatically fine to TrainingPeaks, but nothing on Strava.  The only thing I have changed (I think) is that in the interim I have linked Strava and Training Peaks (so my real world rides on Strava will end up in Training Peaks from Garmin Connect - eek what a tangled connected life we lead)

I wonder if I have caused some sort of circular reference that can’t resolve in Strava?

Zwift -> Training Peaks -> Strava  <- Zwift.

Anyone have experience with this?

I am wondering if I should unlink Zwift with Training Peaks and let Strava send the data to Training Peaks like this:

Zwift -> Strava -> Training Peaks

Garmin Connect -> Strava -> Training Peaks

will this work?

Or was this just a one off?


(P Ash) #2

Im going to try your technique.

(Timothy Fortuna) #3

did you figure this out? I’m having the same problem.  How do you get it to garmin connect

(P Ash) #4

I simply deselected and reelected everything.  It started working and then yesterday it dropped the ZWIFT to Strava connection, but came back later in the evening.  


I don’t believe it connects to Garmin Connect.  I sometimes ride with my cycling computer on and download to Garmin Connect for my power numbers.  You then have to delete that upload to Strava or you end up with a ZWIFT Strava and your traditional Garmin Connect with Strava workout uploaded.


Hope this helps