Zwift & Garmin - How to use?

Hello everyone,

I am still relatively new to Zwifting and have been thoroughly enjoying myself so far.

Now, since the beginning, I have been suing my Garmin Epix 2 together with Zwift. However, lately I have been wondering if the setup that I am currently running might actually be messing with my data on Garmin.

Since Zwift sadly doesn’t pass all data to Garmin, I usually run a “Bike Indoor” workout on the watch while Zwifting. I also do this because Garmin does not count driven km inside of Zwift to any of the Garmin Challenges. This means my setup looks like this:

  • Zwift Hub, connected to my Garmin watch
  • Garmin watch running activity “Bike Indoor” incl. broadcasting of HR to the Zwift Hub/Companion App
  • Zwift uploading my rides to Garmin when I finish.

What this leads to is Garmin always having to entries for my workouts. One recorded in Zwift, which is then uploaded, one recorded on the Watch directly.
I was now wondering if this messes with my stats/performance rating in Garmin. For example, my VO2 has literally not moved one bit, even though I have been actively Zwifting 3-5x/Week for almost 4 months now. It also keeps telling me that I do not have any Anaerobic benefit from my workouts, even though they do definitely take a lot from me in most cases. It’s things like these that make me wonder if this double recording might actually be breaking some things.

While I write this I realize this might be more of a question for a Garmin Forum instead of here, still, I will try my luck since maybe someone here has had similar experiences and can advice me on what to do.

Maybe the only/best option is to just not get any of the Garmin challenges done when Zwifting and only use the Zwift upload?

I am curious to hear the opinions in here.

Thanks and have a good one!

Don’t sync the two.

Double log, edit your Garmin entry after the fact to make the distance and elevation match the Zwift totals. Add a screenshot of the Zwift Companion app log entry for posterity.

There’s no other way to get the physio data and have Garmin credit your distance/elevation toward Garmin challenges.

This is a Garmin decision and short of them giving full credit for Zwift activities, there’s no workaround other than editing the .FIT file with FitFileTools - which is a bigger pain in the saddle than just doing what I’d suggested above.

I use the FitFileTools Device Changer utility, making the file looks like it came off a Garmin 520 rather than Zwift. It takes about a minute.

Where do I get the FitFiles from on Zwift? I suppose I could also retroactively do that for past workouts and that will fix some of the data I have on Garmin?

I like this approach. Will give it a try first and then try the FitFile thing recommended by you and the other poster :slight_smile:

Just to clarify: I record it as “Bike Indoor” on my Garmin, do NOT let Zwift upload to Garmin and instead add the elevation & distance data that I see on the end screen on Zwift and upload a Screenshot to that workout, thats it. Did I get that right?

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I let Zwift send it to Connect.

From Connect, I Download the “original file”.

I go to FitFileTools Device Changer and change the device to a Garmin (I change mine to an Edge 520 as I don’t have one of those, making any future searching easier), then Import the file I downloaded.

Once converted, I download the new .fit file.

I then delete the ride from Connect.

Then I Import the new .fit file.

It takes longer to write it down than to do it :smile:

I record my activities via Garmin Edge (previously with Fenix watch). It always has the right training effect, FTP detection or Threshold HR detection as well as training load etc. Then it reflects in the body battery, training status etc. correctly. Garmin cycling challenges are cherry on the cake wo/ elevation challenges.

I turned the Zwift upload to Garmin off. The distance would be irrelevant anyways since one goes much faster in Zwift than real life.

Yep, you got it!

You may want to set up your Garmin to auto start so if you forget to hit start it’ll do it.

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Did this in the end now. Went back and did it for all Rides I have done so far. Lucky that I only started Zwifting 3 months ago xD Took me quite a while but not I got spammed with Badge unlocks on Garmin, so seems like this worked fine! Ty very much


I use RunGap to import my Zwift rides into Connect instead of directly from Zwift. RunGap inserts a fake device (Tacx) onto the activity so they count towards challenges. I also log the ride with Garmin but delete it instead of saving at the end. This way, I get all my training load and recovery metrics updated in Connect.

If you change with device changer from fitfiles, are you u still get the training effect too?