Garmin Sync - Missing Training Effect, Etc

I’ve recently bought an Epix Gen 2 Garmin Watch. I’ve noticed that the resulting sync to Garmin is missing Training Effect, etc.

I’ve been reading about this and it seems the intended behavior is that the Training Effect, etc, should be showing up in Connect and in fact does for some.

Further, I do understand that I can simultaneously record my Zwift session from my Kickr bike directly to my Watch which will then show Training Effect, etc, in Connect. The caveat being that the Watch activity will be missing elevation and distance.

If the Zwift activity syncing to Garmin should result in Training Effecr, etc, being present, then what is the problem? Who do I reach out to for support? Garmin? Zwift?

I don’t know about the Epix but for Training Status to show up in Connect, it needs to be processed on a Garmin Device. Both my Edge 530 and Fenix 6 will do it. You need to sync the device with Connect after the Zwift ride/workout is already in Connect. Then sync again. It sounds complicated but all happens behind the scenes.

As far as I can determine, Training Effect is only possible if you record on a Garmin device. If Training Status is all you require then the steps above might help.

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I thought I did sync the device to connect. I see no training status either. Perhaps I’m too new to Garmin.

Training Effect is Garmin specific, so if you don’t record your activities with a compatible Garmin product (because not all devices can generate TE), then you won’t have it.

The Epix gen 2 has it, of course. But simply linking your Garmin account to Zwift so that your rides/runs are automatically uploaded, won’t have any effect.

You need to double record your activities so that the TE is calculated. And that, only with a Garmin device and only once.

If you want to have in your Garmin record “real” Zwift distance and elevation, you need to merge both Garmin and Zwift fit files together and reimport the fixed Garmin fit file to replace the one generated by your device. You can use FFRT to do that.

I’ve also got an Epix2 and f you’re looking for the training effect info for the specific ride then you would have to dual record.

But Zwift rides synced directly to Garmin will still factor into your overall training status, loads, readiness, focus, etc. data and recovery time.

I think. mine is missing because I have not had the watch long enough.

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In order to get absolutely all the functionalities of performance and health going on, you will need to wear your watch for 30 days. Then everything will be on! Done metrics take really long to be displayed…

I think I must just be Garmin dumb.

I just noticed that my Concept 2 rows and Zwift rides that are uploaded from those platforms to Garmin are not being factored into my Training Readiness?!?! I was testing dual recording to my watch for both of these activities yesterday (Tuesday) and today the Training Readiness says POOR, whereas before it seemed to have ignored my Concept 2 and Zwift uploads and reported Training Readiness was HIGH. I’m not sure what use this watch is to me if it’s just going to ignore my Concept 2 and Zwift syncs. Those two activities were the main reason I bought the watch. I don’t want to dual record because I lose elevation, distance, etc.

How are you all getting around this? Should I just ignore Training Readiness? Is there a metric that’s missing from my watch?

As above - I think it’s only activities recorded on a Garmin device that will count towards Training Readiness ( I don’t have that metric on my Fenix 6 or Etrex 530). I have been able to use the Device Changer function on the fitfiletools website to trick Garmin Connect previously so it might be worth trying that?

I think I must be missing other metrics on my watch. If you all are not using Training Readiness, what are you using to know if you’re ready to train?

What do you all use to know if you’re ready to train?

I gave up on auto-syncing Zwift to Garmin - you lose too many metrics only to gain a pretty map. This is not getting fixed, ever because it’s working as intended: Garmin wants all activities to get logged directly on a Garmin device or it won’t give all the metrics.

Solution: disable sync, double log the ride on a Garmin device (watch, bike computer) and Zwift. When you save each, do a screen cap of your activity summary in the Companion App (shows distance and elevation gain).

Edit the Garmin activtiy so the distance and elevation match the Zwift logged entry. Attach the screen cap as “proof”, change the title to reflect the Zwift title. (“Zwift - Pace Partner Ride in Watopia” or whatever)

I do all that because I want my physiological metrics in Garmin, from indoor and outdoor rides, hikes, runs etc. Zwift is just gravy and I can get more details on my Zwift rides directly at

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So let me explain about Garmin… I have said in few other related Garmin topics but I can tell again.

You have 2 different things: list all your activities into your Garmin account to track what you do in one place (kind of Strava stuff) or get the training metrics from Garmin (which is the main point of a Fenix or other watches having that metrics).

So, double recording is a must. You simply have to. And no you don’t lose other information, if you follow some steps.

So first let’s start with rowing as we are in Rowvember anyway. I assume that’s what you do with your C2? You have few options: use Garmin Row activity, use Ergdata App on your phone or use ErgIQ on your watch. I row like this so I know the subject haha

In order to get the training metrics you will need to record your rows on your watch with ErgIQ. Connect on your PM5 first the HRM with ant+, then ensure FE-C is activated (the PM5 will tell you that’s the option for newest Garmin watches), then open ErgIQ on your watch and it will ask you to pair with the PM5 say yes on your watch and if it’s good you will see your HR displayed on your watch.
Row your session, and close the session on the PM5, while observing your watch, you will see a very fast message “Saving…” and then back to main screen. It’s done and you have your rowing session uploaded into Garmin Connect.

OK now Zwift uploads: it’s nice and everything to connect Zwift to Garmin so you have the Zwift activity available in Garmin Connect. It does NOT have any training metrics (the Garmin ones). Recording with your watch will have training metrics but no GPS trace, incorrect distance and 0 elevation.
Fitfiletools website is nice but can’t do anything about that. You need FFRT to merge both fit files (and I have been telling that so often now that I should be sponsored by FFRT lol). This tool will allow you to take the data you want/need from Zwift fit file and merge it into the Garmin fit file, which will overwrite distance elevation and whatever in order to give you the GPS trace, elevation, identical distance from Zwift, but keep the training effect TE and other metrics. You can then delete manually in Connect the recorded activity with your watch and upload manually the fixed fit file, which will keep the training metrics as you wanted them => purpose of buying the watch. You could then also delete the Zwift activity from Connect as you wouldn’t need it anymore or simply just leave it there, it doesn’t matter and has zero impact (only on the total distance stats but well, you can live with it lol).

I hope I could help :slight_smile:

That’s not totally correct.

Garmin doesn’t “want” all activities to get logged on a Garmin device, it has to be because it’s calculated while doing it. When it’s uploaded, it’s done already. So it is indeed intended so, but because that’s how it’s calculating, while you actually do a workout of some sort.

Editing the activity to add manually the data will show that the record is not original, which is taken into account too. That’s why merging, even though is a longer process, will ensure that you have an original file. Believe I searched every possibilities since August 2020 and only a merge is the perfect solution. taking into account stats, TE, PRs, and every other details from everywhere…

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Just going to leave this here: Garmin Training Status Now Includes Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest and Tacx App Workouts | DC Rainmaker

It used to work, you dont need to dual record on Zwift - Dont think its worked for a while

Edit - @B_Jimmy great minds and all that… Beat me by seconds :wink:


I’m using training readiness even though I tend to ignore it because most of the time it says 0 as I do something everyday hahaha but it’s like hmm are my legs moving today? yes? ok then I do :slight_smile: (definitely not following any best practice though lol)

100% this. I’ve never seen it work correctly, despite other people saying it does. I gave up. I only have so many flying figs to give.

I’m aware of that fact about TE implemented in everything else. Haven’t noticed it though. That’s why I’m still doing this way and merging should I need to elevation to get the elevation badge or something…

If what you want is Training Status and still to have all the elevation/distance stats in Connect for the Garmin challenges then fitfiletools does what you want. Simply download the original (Zwift generated) fit file from Connect, upload it to fitfiletools, change the device to a Garmin (I use Edge 520), download from fitfiletools then upload it to Connect. Sounds complicated but takes seconds.

Ok, so I used the Indoor Rowing on the watch connected to the PM5 yesterday and that seemed to be included int he Acute Load. Looks like the ErgIQ is something I can try that might be a better option?

So looks like I need to get used to a dual recoding ErgIQ / FFRT workflow.

I try this after work today. Thanks!