No training effect in Garmin Connect for some trainings

Hi all

I have made an activity on Zwift 16/12/2023 and downloaded the FIT file, adjusted it to Garmin device and uploaded it to Garmin Connect. Result → activity with training effect AND counted towards my badges.

I have made an activity on Zwift 20/12/2023, did the same procedure. (downloaded, adjusted the FIT file and uploaded it manually to Garmin Connect). → Activity WITHOUT training effect (but still counted towards my badges)

I dont understand why it worked for 1 but not for another. I have checked both FIT files and they have the same parameters filled in.

As I understand it, Training Effect is calculated by your Garmin device, not Garmin Connect. After you upload the file from Zwift you must synchronise your Garmin Watch or Computer twice to see the results in Connect. Have you done this?


Yes, I have syncronised it multiple times but keeps showing 0 training effect.
It also doesnt show up on “Exercise load” page. But I find it in activities… strange behaviour.

Why not just have Zwift push direct to Garmin connect?

That way it doesnt count for badges and stuff. Unless you change the FIT file so that manufacterer is GARMIN en device is my EPIX_GEN2. I know in the past appearantly it did work that way… but now it doesnt so this workaround is needed :frowning:

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Sorry, I don’t look at Garmin badges so hadn’t noticed those weren’t updated.

Knew it now updates training status hence the reply.

I got following feedback on Garmin forums:

So appearantly I am not the only one

I will test later if I have the opportunity.

Edit: I just looked back at some previous activities. On Sunday 17th my modified FIT file shows that I had Training Effect. On Wednesday 20th my FIT files do not show Training Effect (but still count towards badges). It does look like there was some change to either the FIT file or to Garmins calculations between those dates.

Ok. I deleted the workout that used the modified FIT file and re-uploaded the original FIT file recorded by Zwift. That now shows Training Effect again - but doesn’t count towards the Garmin Challenges/ Badges.

indeed! just tested the same and now the TE is shown. Strange?
Gonna check with previous FIT files what the differences are

I wonder if Garmin are now looking for something in the FIT file to confirm it was really recorded on a Garmin device? Perhaps a serial number?

What I did see is that 4 values are filled in twice. (enhanced avg speed,…) → This is not in the original file.
Maybe that is creating this issue.

I am checking if there are other tools to change this now

nope… that is not the issue…
Older activities showing the same parameters do count on TE.

anyone else with this issue or how to solve?
There are 2 options now:

  1. Use the .FIT file from Zwift having my training effect
  2. Use the FitFileTools file having my km’s count to challenges…

Is there really not a way to have both?

It’s certainly odd that this was working fine until some day earlier this week. That suggests something has changed;

  1. The FFT conversion has been modified.

  2. Garmin have changed the way that devices are recognised.

  3. Zwift FIT file creation has changed the underlying data.

An email to FFT might shed some light on No. 1, though that seems the least likely explanation.


After hours of searching I have found a very long workaround.

  1. Download FIT Zwift file
  2. Upload original file towards Garmin Connect to see the Training Effect
  3. Remove the activity in Garmin Connect
  4. Upload original FIT file in FitFileRepairTool → Adjust TE and manufacturer manually
  5. Export FIT file and upload manually to Garmin
  6. Badges count and also Training Effect is filled in

What a ** workaround. Hope they fix this soon!

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I think they not going to fix it. Garmin doesnt want to include zwift races in the tracking for the badges.