Garmin no recording Training Effect

Does anyone have any idea why my setup isn’t recording a training effect for a Zwift session?

I am using a Wahoo Kickr Connected to a Mac book, my HR is being transmitted from my Fenix 5 to Zwift on the Mac book via an ANT+ dongle. All being captured on Zwift before being saved and linked back to Garmin Connect.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

This is a license thing because Training Effect calculation is feature from company called FirstBeat. Seems that Garmin has no right to use this also for 3rd party recordings.

What if you don’t link your Zwift account to Garmin Connect, and instead record separately on your Fenix 5 and send that to Garmin Connect?


This works! I did it in the past.

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I have the exact same problem.
The only diffrence is that I have an Elite Direto XR. Otherwise the same equippment. Fenix 5 and MacBook Pro.
It would be nice if Zwift and Garmin could synk fully with eachother.
As is it now I have to do two ”recordings” of my workout and that gives dubble time in the summary.
So is there any solution for this problem?
Br Lars

Don’t link Zwift to Garmin Connect?

Yes. If you delete the Fenix recorded one afterwards, the Training Effect calculation will still have it considered. Not nice workaround but a workaround.

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To make it worse, it seems Garmin has now even stopped acknowledging virtual rides and runs for their challenge system, so there they are also “forcing” you to double record.

But to make matters more confusing… they still count virtual activities for goals!

As for the delete option - I have separate devices for cycling and running which both first have to sync to get the TE before I delete, so it’s all becoming a bit of a pain.

Or of Zwift talked/worked with First Beat it would be solved. :wink:.

I rather upload info to Garmin Connect then not, because there is where I have all training saved.

I’m not sure about that. I’ve testet to delete the Garmin/Fenix file and then the training effekt allso disappear.
Because of you don’t delete the file in all places it coms back in the next sync.
Br Lars

Sounds tough :smiley:.
To much work for a non-it person like me.
I’ve allso notised the issue with the challanges. But that is a Garminproblem I think.
Br Lars

So, what I’m getting from this is that I need to link my Kickr directly to my Fenix as a power sensor and as a speed and cadence sensor?

Record on my Fenix and use that to update garmin connect.

Transmit HR data from my Fenix during activity, so that it records on Zwift.

DONT link Zwift to garmin connect as I don’t want double figures (ie just use the garmin record for connect).

DO link Zwift to Strava and TP (because I’m one of those people that records on all three).

Assuming that is correct… as a Zwift newbie, I have one question…

Will the distance / elevation recorded on my Fenix be the same as that on Zwift? Isn’t the kickr just sending the Fenix raw data about resistance, or does it get fed back the ‘controllable’ element that are input to the kickr from Zwift?

No those two metrics most likely will not be the same. But you can go to Garmin Connect and update the distance and max speed. You’ll also have to update elevation gain in Garmin if you want the metrics to be the same between Zwift, Garmin, Strava, and TrainingPeaks. If you’re only interested in Training Effect metrics on Garmin then you wouldn’t need to update the data to be the same.

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Any performance data that Garmin calculates has to be from a Garmin device.
Data directly from Zwift doesn’t qualify.
I record my Zwift rides on either my Edge or Forerunner (as well as Zwift), then delete the Zwift ride from GC.

When you do so do you get all the Zwift-data (cadence,watt) into GC?
Br Lars

Of course you do when you have paired all these sources with your Garmin device.

I am now also starting to double record on Edge.

Distance not the same and elevation obviously not there, since Garmin only sees it as wheelsize being churned at x watts and y cadence. Blissfully unaware of different elevation grades, different bikes, draft, etc. But at least the TE is there…

My approach is as follows:

Pairing my bike (IC7) with Zwift (iPad) and my Garmin fēnix 6X … Recording on both devices.

Subsequent synchronization from Zwift with Garmin Connect and Strava.

The fēnix also syncs with Garmin Connect.

I then set the Zwift activity in Garmin Connect to “Unclassified” and manually add the kilometers to the activity recorded with the fēnix in Garmin Connect.

Thus, everything should fit.
If I’m missing something, feel free to correct.

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This is my problem. I always got this. And I don’t know how to fix it without two recordings. The TE from Garmin and the other data in the Zwiftfile. Picture is from Zwiftfile.

This picture is from Garminfile


this is a real problem between zwift and garmin. Today we are being sold your stastics but none of the GARMIN or ZWIFT tools make the effort to be able to communicate correctly. The user who pays the ZWIFT subscription and the GARMIN equipment must constantly compromise! Find an agreement ! you have so much to gain

Wait and hope…