Firstbeat training effect on Garmin Connect

Can you please add the training effect algorithm from Firstbeat?

I know this will probably cost some money but this is a much have for us that uses garmin for all other training. If training effect form Zwift doesn’t add into garmin, we won’t get a proper analysis in garmin

Anyway, please if you could consider adding this. Thx.

The thing with Garmin is they want you to record using their equipment. That is probably the thing that will also kill them. Just like polar.

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I stopped allowing zwift to post to Garmin Connect and ended up recording my rides on zwift with my fenix 5, syncingback to connect for the training effect, vo2, perf condition etc. Zwift uploads only onto Strava.

Seems like a good idea, but how do you then record cadence, watt, speed and all the other stuff. Does Garmin (I have forerunner 945) not need all this information to calculate training effect?

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr Snap, so this transmits Speed & Power. I’m using the Garmin cadence sensor as running Zwift on laptop.

Kickr, cadence & heart rate are obviously connected to Zwift on laptop.

Fenix 5 is connected to cadence, chest strap and Kickr Snap. Kickr is paired to Fenix 5 as PWR (power meter) and not as Kickr Snap if you see both options in your sensor list in your 935. Just a matter of trying one or the other and see which one picks up the data from your smart trainer.

Thx for answer. I just added sensors and then My forerunner 945 found my tacx cadence and watt sensor.
I will use your way and just not let zwift send to garmin. I will then record my activity on garmin and then let zwift send to Strava.

Good to hear you got it to all connect.

One other thing. Make sure you use the Bike Indoor feature and not the Bike one. Bike Indoor deactivated the GPS on the watch. Assuming the 935 is similar to the Fenix 5.

The only difference between the Zwift upload vs the Garmin upload, is on Garmin Connect, you don’t have the elevation being displayed, which isn’t an issue for myself. As long as I’m getting the Performance Condition, VO2, Training Status and other metrics that it can record.

Garmin’s training effect only needs HR or Power. (I believe power takes precedence over HR if you have both.) If you have your zones set correctly they’ll go into Zwift activity, you’ll only lose the per activity an/aerobic effect.

Ah, I’ve just been looking at this too.

My old Edge 800 doesn’t have any of the VO2Max or training effect stuff on, but I’m planning on updating to an Edge 530 or 830. It’ll be a PITA to have to deal with duplicate workouts/recording on my Garmin as well as Zwift.

Especially as I normally leave the Garmin attached to my commuting bike.

Would be great for Zwift to licence the Firstbeat stuff and integrate it directly in the game.

You can record on your Garmin, record on Zwift and then merge the two files with Fit File Repair Tool.

In answer to the question above, the Garmin watch calculates this information with power, HRV and other factors that they don’t tell you. It gets calculated on the watch, not on GarminConnect.

Lastly, Physio TrueUp will sync the information back to the watch, but if there’s an activity there at the same time it won’t overwrite it.

Would be great for Zwift to licence the Firstbeat stuff and integrate it directly in the game.

A lot of users also record with their Garmin (probably Suunto also) devices because those incorporate the Firstbeat tracking and analytics. While the accuracy of that data is up for debate, it is inevitably considerably worse if it misses indoor training on Zwift.

The suggestion, therefore, would be for Zwift to licence and incorporate a number of the Firstbeat modules so that when the file moves across to platforms which support this (Garmin Connect, for example), the data is calculated and separate tracking on a device is not required.
Depending on which modules were used, this could also inform the Zwift training plans and timescales (see comments on training plan flexibility).


Any news? Now possible or next time on Zwift?

Surprised this isn’t voted higher. So annoying that Zwift activities don’t count towards Training Effect in Garmin.

Hi @James_Muir

That is a Garmin issue, Garmin want you to use only their device to record data.

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Not 100% accurate. Training metrics are derived from FirstBeats (Garmin did acquire them recently) that Garmin licensed. Zwift didn’t (or couldn’t, who knows) license that technology so that’s why it’s not available from Zwift recorded events.

Now that Garmin owns that technology who knows if they’d even be willing to license it to Zwift as they might view them as a competitor, and obviously want people to buy their fitness watches/head units.

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