Strava, Zwift & Duplicate Fit Files

So I am new to Zwift, so very keen to record details etc of rides, specifically into my Strava file.

For the last few weeks, no rides have uploaded - the only rides showing are the ones from my Garmin Fenix 6 (i’m recording on that as a back up). I put this down to incomplete uploads.

But today, I made sure all wifi was connected, and the ride uploaded fine to my Zwift Companion - but nothing showing in strava. So i tried to upload manually, but Strava is saying the file is a duplicate.

I’ve tried disconnecting and connecting the apps, the manual upload - at a loss as to what else I can do.

Any help, at all would be greatly appreciated.

Strava checks for duplicates when uploading so it will only accept the 1st fit file sent to it. I do the same as you, record on my Garmin Edge to get the training metrics in Garmin. Granted the distance in the Garmin file is not the same as Zwift due to elevation gain and whatnot.

Anyways, I always make sure to end the Zwift ride 1st and don’t save the recording on my Garmin until Zwift has exited.

As a workaround, if you have the Zwift fit files for the rides that Garmin sent to Strava you can go to Strava and manually delete the Garmin rides out. Then upload the fit file from Zwift.

That’s brilliant thank you - so delete all garmin rides then upload zwift fit file.

Can I ask one more question. My garmin connect picks up the garmin fenix data, as well as the zwift ride. Which one should I keep in connect to improve my training data.

And once again, thank you

If you want the training effect metrics you need to keep the Garmin file within Garmin Connect. Garmin now owns FirstBeat (service that calculates training effect) and it is only available for data recorded on Garmin devices. (This is assuming you have your trainer paired to your Fenix watch)

If you are OCD you can edit your Garmin file to change the distance and elevation to match what Zwift says then delete the Zwift file. Or just don’t have Zwift sync with Garmin.