When Zwift sends the workout to Garmin connect, will it update my VO2, Lactate, FTP etc on my Forerunner 965?

To keep things as simple as possible, I have linked my Zwift with Garmin Connect so that I don’t have to record cycling activities on the watch anymore. Now, all I have to do is use zwift and the activity will auto go over to connect. As per DCRainmakers post: https ://www.dcrainmaker.com/2021/06/garmin-training-status-now-includes-zwift-trainerroad-the-sufferfest-and-tacx-app-workouts.html

However, I am unsure if doing this will allow my Forerunner 965 to update my VO2, Lactate Threshold, FTP, Max HR etc?

probably not since that info is stored on the garmin unit itself, but what you can do is record your zwift activity on your watch simultaneously with zwift and that should work. unfortunately it means you will have to record the activity on your watch one way or another

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I know Garmin will update VO2 max based on Zwift rides even if you are not separately recording on your watch. I haven’t paid attention to the other statistics.


Yes it will. Support for virtual platforms (most of them) is now in Garmin for these algorithms. It won’t work if you upload a fit file from a wahoo device or other competitor hardware though.


This is interesting, it gives me hope!

Nice, I’ll give it a go tomorrow!

Yeah the dual-recording is a drag imo. Hopefully what the others have said will work for all the metrics I am looking for!

sounds like i’m wrong, fortunately. my vo2/ftp on my edge 830 only seems to update after i actually record an activity on it but i don’t pay a whole lot of attention to either

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Thats strange, you’d think the 830 would be supported

It is, but I’m still doing it because the third party support will do Training Effect, but not IF or TSS.

I’m pretty sure get IF and TSS from my Zwift rides on training peaks, but not garmin, so some third-party connections work.

I’m specifically talking about Garmin Connect, since that’s what the thread’s about. :ride_on:

Hmm, that’s annoying.

Do I need these metrics for Training Readiness?

I don’t have a watch that displays it, so I’m not sure.

But according to the Garmin site, one of the things it’s based on is Acute Training Load. Judging by an activity I checked that was on Zwift alone, I did get a training load score, so I’d guess it’ll work.

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Zwift rides do update the metrics that are available on my Forerunner 935, and I can see a few more on Garmin Connect itself. Garmin doesn’t seem to care about Zwift FTP tests, so you might have to start one on your Forerunner while you’re riding on a reasonably flat course in Zwift.

I don’t train seriously myself, so I can’t tell if Zwift rides give a misleading picture on Garmin in terms of training effort (I use Today’s Plan for those metrics).

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One word of caution: Zwift distances/times/elevation gain do not count toward Garmin Connect challenges.

Garmin is my “fitness social” platform of choice so despite the physiological metrics now syncing from Zwift, I’ve gone back to unlinking the two systems and double-logging, editing the Garmin entry with the correct Zwift distance and elevation.


I use the Device Changer at fitfiletools, making the Zwift workout look like it originated on a Garmin Edge. That seems to satisfy the Connect challenges criteria.


If I start dual recording, is elevation and distance the only things I need to edit?

Is there anything else that I should be aware of when dual recording instead of just logging once with zwift?

That’s good to know about the FTP tests. I’d be very unhappy if I did one only for it not to be recorded on the Garmin lol

How does that work exactly?

You grab the fit file, make the change, then upload it manually to Connect?

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