Zwift Garmin Integration

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My first post, so please be gentle! (Apologies if I’m posting in the wrong section).

Set up: Kickr Core, Apple TV 4k, Garmin Forerunner 245.

Like a lot of people, I’ve recently re-evaluated my fitness levels due to lockdown. I have been running, on average, 15k a week for over a year and cycling 40k a week. I then bought a Wahoo Kickr Core and have been loving Zwift. As a result, I’ve been doing more cycling, and hit 150k for January on Zwift :pray:

However…3 weeks ago I gave myself a nasty calf tear due to overtraining, and I don’t want to be doing that again!

Question: How can I ensure that my Zwift rides are taken into account on my Garmin 245 training load, recovery & Vo2 Max please?


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you will have to record using your Garmin so if your trainer broadcast ant plus then you can use your garmin to record the ride.


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Thank you for the reply.

I should state that currently, on my Forerunner 245 I select ‘virtual run’ and this broadcasts my HR to the Apple TV. Once my Zwift ride is done, it uploads to Garmin. However, when viewing the ride, the training effort is recorded as 0.0 :sweat:. I suspect this is why it isn’t impacting training load, recovery & VO2 max.


That is true, you also have to record with the watch, so you will have two sets of data one coming from Zwift and the other that your watch recorded.

It is a pain I know. I just stopped using those metrics.


How do I record with the watch simultaneously, please? Presumably I have to connect the Kickr Core to it? It will then update training effort, recovery & VO2 Max?

How am I best to edit duplication please? Delete one of the entries in Garmin? Stop Zwift updating Garmin?

I have same problem with edge 520+ bike computer. On Garmin Connect always shows 0 training effect. Garmin has some crazy quirks

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I have the same problem. I miss training load/effort in the Zwift data. To get that I need to record the workout with my Garmin watch too.
The backside of that is that I get two workout in summary in Garmin Connect.
For ex. 1 hour ride is record twice will give you two set of totaly 2 hour workout.
So of it’s possible for Zwift to develop this it would be perfect.
Otherwise, thanks for a great ”trainingpartner” and raid on.
Br Lars

Garmin in their ultimate wisdom don’t calculate firstbeat metrics from any externally sourced fit files.

  • they don’t even calculate firstbeat metrics from their own tacx bike…

If you dual record on zwift and also on your 245 - at the end of the session - instead of saving, you can disregard the activity on the watch - the performance metrics are still added to your training status, your 7 day load etc - it just won’t give you a break down on a per activity.

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What if you record on a Garmin device while Zwifting, and don’t link Zwift to Garmin?

Garmin Connect gets one record of the ride from the Garmin device, with all the FirstBeat values, and Zwift gets one record of the ride via Zwift.

Not really an accurate representation of the situation. Training Effects were a third party feature created by FirstBeats. Garmin licensed this technology to use in their products, that license only allowed for it to be used with Garmin products. Theoretically, Zwift (if it wanted to) could have reached out to FirstBeats and licensed the technology as well for their platform. They chose not to.

As of June last year Garmin did buy FirstBeat so they fully own it. Zwift could try to come to an agreement with Garmin to license it still possibly but they don’t seem to have an interest in detailed analytics of ride data.

Can’t fault Garmin for wanting to keep a competitive edge over other brands and have people buy their products if they want that kind of data analysis.

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That’s an interesting view of their position. I’d venture their business is helping customers manage their fitness, and that this position you mention (assuming it’s indeed what they think) actually hinders the fitness management objective. To me (and many others) it makes the Garmin Training Effect feature useless, and I use other suppliers to manage training load. There are a lot of options out there (Training Peaks, TrainerRoad, SportTracks, etc) that will do that just fine.

I don’t think Garmin would need to license FirstBeat’s tech to Zwift in order for Garmin to display a TE for “external” .fit files. The TE would only be visible within Garmin’s ecosystem.

It’s the basic view of all business. You need to sell products/generate income or you won’t be in business very long.

Having a feature/product that differentiates you from competitors allows you to sell more product. It’s the same with Tacx road feel and Wahoo Climb - if those companies “business was helping customers manage their fitness” then both Tacx/Garmin and Wahoo should license these technologies to all trainer manufacturers for the good of society. But alas, we don’t live in that kind of world. Both those companies want to use their proprietary features as a selling point to get more customers.

I’d disagree about Garmin’s business being managing fitness. Their ecosystem for fitness tracking is rudimentary compared to other competitors.

Golden Cheetah, TrainingPeaks and even Strava provide better data analysis than Garmin Connect. Garmin Connect is just a nice repository for all your data but really isn’t designed for data analytics.