integrate Garmin training effect and trainig status

 I wish zwift rides would be posted in garmin connect with training effect and training status. 

I`ve got used to used to measuring my total training work-load with the garmin training status, and prefer to log my workout manually until the integration  also register with “training effect”



I noticed it has been missing also and was wondering if it is an issue on Garmin’s side of the automatic upload and not with Zwift.

I connect my power meter and HRM to my 920xt along with Zwift so I can upload it to Garmin and see that data. I don’t get the mileage, but it’s in door training so it’s not that important of a metric.


The training effect info isn’t Garmin’s data; it’s technology that they license from FirstBeat - - so that’s why it doesn’t carry over. We’d have to license from FirstBeat ourselves in order to provide this info.

FirstBeat is a very interesting company. I have my own personal opinions about their technology, but that’s really a separate discussion from whether or not we could/should integrate their features in the future.

But unfortunately, because it’s FirstBeat tech inside of Garmin devices, we can’t write that data to Connect. And also why connect won’t show it for a ride not logged with a compatible Garmin device.


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Exactly as Jordan say.

Also, one assumes the reason TSS doesn’t come over is because that’s a TrainingPeak licensed metric and you don’t write that.

How about kJ and calories?  I thought calories was a Firstbeat metric as well.  Why does that come over but not kJ? 

Cheers, Dave

i always have my garmin edge running with zwift (you only need power and heart rate on the garmin). both (edge and zwift) get uploaded to garmin. garmin connect will then calculate training effect and status from the edge data.

i then delete the edge upload and have the zwift ride with stats and the training data from the edge upload, since it apparently doesn’t need a saved ride to persist in the system.


@David - we give Stress Points, which is functionally the same as TSS. TrainingPeaks has basically “open sourced” all of these metrics - you no longer need to license them - as they have basically become public concepts. Plus, they are pretty simple mathematically. FirstBeat, on the other hand, has not actually ever published (that I know of) how to derive their training load values, which are based largely around heart rate values (and variance, I think) within the workout and how it correlates to speed (running) or power (cycling).

We don’t show kJ on the ride summary, but we easily could. It’s just not clear that there was (or is) a real desire for it. Most of the people who care about kJ are viewing the FIT files in TP/WKO/etc

As far as calories, that’s also not proprietary. FirstBeat may have their own proprietary calculation that factors in HR, but we simply use the commonly accepted metric of human cycling efficiency of approx. 25%, so kcal = 0.25*kJ. We are simply showing calories (rather than kJ) because we figure(d) that was/is more relevant to most of our users.

But any of the training load metrics that are power derived - ATL/CTL - can be done from our fit files by any of the software programs that do it. If you use Strava - which requires a HRM - they again are pulling that from the FIT file - which has a standard format which we follow.


I would like to see kJ added as a stat. I use it as an odometer of the ride, rather than distance which gets effected by weather and hills (or virtual worlds). But I’m probably in the minority who does that. I also put the fit file into golden cheetah and it tells me the kJ, but unlike a ride logged on the Garmin, both Garmin and Strava to not list kj for me. It would just make it simpler to have right in Zwift. However I did just learn that total kJ = avg power x ride in seconds / 1000. So I can do that math, but it would be nice just to have that right out of Zwift.

I can also chime in on why Zwift doesn’t show up in your training load. I believe it requires gps, at least for treadmill runs on my fr 935 it doesn’t add anything to my training load (running is set as my main sport).

I see that Zwift does show the Training Stress, which is more than some other apps do… it’s just that it always shows as “0.0 Aerobic”.

Wish we could get this working…

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If you are seeing 0 for a ride, it means you have not yet set your FTP. No way to calculate TSS without knowing FTP. TSS works perfectly for both rides and workouts.



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