How do I get training effect/status on Garmin Connect from my Zwift rides?

I have a Garmin Edge 530 but it seems I can’t connect that directly to my Zwift Hub One - or am I missing something? Zwift shares my rides with Strava and Garmin Connect, but they have no impact on my Garmin stats. Not really a big deal, would just be nice, and I’m assuming it’s my own stupidity which is currently the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

you’d have to record the ride on the garmin to get the stats, if you start up the garmin and then start riding does the garmin pick up the sensors from the zwift hub?

It doesn’t seem to - well, it finds the trainer but times out while trying to connect to it.

Ah…I’ve been reading the Edge 530 interface wrong. What I thought was a title was actually something I needed to select - ‘Add Sensor’. :rofl:

Rides on Zwift should have an effect on your Garmin stats. This was fixed by Garmin on their side last year.

You say you’ve connected your Zwift account to Garmin Connect, and your Zwift rides show up there. Have you synced your Edge 530 recently?


This is probably the issue. For whatever reason the training status etc. number crunching happens on the device, not in Garmin Connect.


Yep. GC picks up the activities from Zwift, but they have no impact on my Training Status. If I do two weeks of only indoor rides it just shows me as ‘Detraining’.

Have you got Physio TrueUp turned on?

Also, do you wear a Garmin watch and is it set as your primary training device? If so, then you’ll need to sync your watch to process the Garmin activities as Michael mentioned.

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It’s all a bit weird with an Edge device. As others mentioned the training status is calculated on the device. I do a sync of my Edge 530 after doing a Zwift ride and that updates my training status. Bit tedious but seems to work.

I don’t even know what that is. Is it available across all Garmin devices?

I do have a Garmin Forerunner 45s, but I don’t know if I’ve set anything as my primary training device. Both my watch and my Edge sync with the Garmin app.

It’s in the device settings on Garmin Connect and is what makes data from 3rd party app be added to your training stats.

Although on iOS it’s More > Garmin Devices > Edge 530 > General > Toggle on/off

Do your ride on Zwift.
Let it send the data to Connect.
Sync your Edge 530.
Wait a minute for the 530 to do the calculations.
Sync your Edge 530 again.
Now look at your data on Connect.