Training effort work around

I was wondering if I use my Garmin 1030 Edge and disconnect Zwift from Strava and Garmin would training effort show on Garmin Connect? Garmin Connect loads to Strava. One thing I think might be missing would be the the Zwift images not showing in Strava.

Why not just connect Zwift to Garmin Connect and leave the computer on your handlebars out of it?

The way your idea could work is if you have a power meter (say, a crank-based one) on your bike, and also a power meter built into your trainer. Pair the trainer’s power signal to Zwift, and pair the crank-based power meter to your Garmin.

What’ll happen with this setup is you’ll have duplicates of your Zwifting activities in your Garmin Connect history, and also in your Strava history if all these sites are connected using the method I linked to, but I’m guessing you’re ok with that?

However - if you only have one power meter signal, leave your Garmin computer powered off. It’s only going to complicate the pairing situation and frustrate you.

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I was intending to disconnect Zwift from both Strava and Garmin and use the !030 to record and sync to Garmin Connect which will connect to Strava. I really want to see training effect. I hate seeing zero and not seeing VO2. I understand that these metrics are licensed to Garmin for the Edge computer and not to Zwift. There has to be a simple work around.

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There is no workaround. Garmin want you to use their device (I think it is stupid, Polar tried that and see what that cost them).

You can link Zwift to strava. But don’t link those to GC then you can run your Garmin together with Zwift, ANT+ will send data to both.

I just stopped to care about GC data, I use my Garmin outside only.

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