Garmin training effect dat

After my ride this morning, I noticed that Garmin Connect included the “Training Effect” statistics on my activity report. It didn’t do that with yesterday’s ride. Anyone else notice? (I’m aware that the training effect data from Zwift were previously incorporated in the Garmin analysis, and I could see the “primary benefit” and “training effect” for my rides by going through the “training load” links, but the ride activity report did not separately show the “primary benefit,” “aerobic,” “anaerobic,” and “training effect” data.)

I see it, too. I think that’s just something that Garmin calculates itself, the data doesn’t come from Zwift. I believe training effect is based on HR data?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Training Effect was previously only shown if the data was recorded on a Garmin device. It was all considered under Training Status though - as long as you subsequently synchronized the Garmin Connect data with a suitable Garmin device.

So, has Garmin opened this up to more sources, or am I just remembering incorrectly?

Garmin has been taking account of the data from Zwift for a while now—it just wasn’t viewable in this particular format.

I got it on today’s ride as well, really been missing the function!

I did a ride today, and I’m not seeing this.

I have my Zwift and Garmin accounts connected. Ride on Zwift and use my Forerunner 245 as a heart rate monitor.

The ride shows as an activity in the Connect app, but there is no data in training effect.

Is this likely an update that is being rolled out, or are you doing something different from me? I’m hoping that this feature is coming to everyone, because it will be really useful.

To be clear, dor me, this is just a change in how I can access the trading effect data, not whether it exists in Garmin. In my Garmin app (iPhone), for the past year or so, I’ve been able to look under Training Status>Load>Exercise Load and see the Zwift activity, including “Load” and “Benefit” data. The only change is that now I can find load and benefit data directly when I click on the activity itself—in the same chart I see average speed, heart rate, etc.

Ah, right. I doubt I’m going to see any change then, which is disappointing. I also use an iPhone, and don’t see any change to Load or Benefit with activity on Zwift.

Can you see other info about your Zwift rides on Garmin Connect—specifically, power?

I have not been able to see the effect no matter what before, and then suddenly it appeared. As Forerunner 245 does support training effect, I think you’ll just have to wait, maybe the update is regarding the watch itself and not the IOS app. Give us an update in a week or two!

Yes, I can see power, heart rate etc.

Last ride was Tuesday with no Training Effect data in the ride summary. Today it’s there.

I had an update on my watch tonight, so I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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Interesting news. I checked my activities and now I see the training effect in garmin connect. This happened after I installed an update on my edge 530 this week.

Nothing today.

Some more detailed information.

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I’m out of luck - I recently bought a ForeRunner 245 Music, and it doesn’t support Unified Training Status :disappointed:

The FR245 Music does support Training Effect, etc. so you should see it even if your device doesn’t have UTS (that’s only the newest devices). Make sure it’s set as your primary device.

Is Physio TrueUp turned off on your watch? Go to the device settings in GC and make sure it’s turned on.

Hi - Physio TrueUp is set to on. There is no option to make this my primary device - maybe because I only have one Garmin device.

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That’s odd that you don’t get the data. The Unified Training Status is only needed if you have multiple devices.

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