Garmin Training Effect

Dear all,

I would like you to integrate the Garmin Training Effect, Aerobic and Anaerobic when I upload and activity from Zwift. Zwift already sends the suffer score or TSS to TrainingPeaks or Strava but not to Garmin.
I know there are different ways to save the rides or runs but all of them have a “but”:

  • Tracking and saving the activity with the Garmin Fenix 6 or Edge devices. It saves the power, cadence, km, time, etc… But not the elevation, therefore, the speed and km are not real. So at the end of the year you are not able to know how many “km” have you done or how many “m” have you climbed, and at the end it has no sense paying a Zwift subscription if you are saving something unreal.

From my point of view this lack of feature is a bad point for Zwift because people how prefer Garmin, will save the activity directly with the Garmin devices and it implies not sharing the activity with Zwift, missing the opportunity to show in all the social media the Zwift app.

I asume it should be a contract between Zwift and Training peaks (because of the TSS) but what happens with people who don’t want to pay a Training Peaks or Strava license if they already have a good Garmin device.

I know Garmin works with Firstbeat, but I think it something that goes in apart.

Please, folks, help me to make Zwift integrate this feature voting the Topic!

Best regards to all of you.

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