RunPod - Treadmill Only?

Does the RunPod only work with a treadmill or could I run outdoors with the Zwift app open on my phone while my phone is in my pocket? Or run on a track? Thanks!

I believe this could technically work… here is a video that should clarify: Zwift Running...OUTSIDE?!?! - YouTube

Yes- it does work outside with the Zwift app.

Hi Tiffany.

As above you can run outdoors as you want but I’ll tell you now it’ll drain your battery in no time. It’s OK for short runs but I think the last time I experimented it killed my battery in around 40 mins albeit it was on an old phone.
I connected the NPE RUNN and ran with Zwift casting to a TV last week on a relatively new phone and I would have got an hour tops.

Not sure if that YouTube video shows it, but I found that an app that makes your screen go black without actually shutting the apps down saved quite a bit of battery life.

In theory there’s nothing preventing cycling outdoors either while running Zwift? That would be nifty experiment… Riding central park while riding central park.