Using Zwift outside for a half marathon?

Hi! First time poster, been zwift running for about 12 weeks now and love it! I am currently on week 10 of the beginner half marathon training program which has been awesome keeping me on track with my training! However, as others have noted, the app drains my battery to the point where any run longer than an hour I have to keep an external battery attached for the run. This works fine on the treadmill but I am supposed to do an 11 mile run this week… and I am doing a half marathon Sunday. So I can’t do the 11 mile treadmill run but have yet to figure out how to use the app outside without killing my battery. Does anyone have any suggestions? I looked through the archives and have done the same, close everything down, set to low power, turn off notifications. I just really want to get credit for the long runs I do outside! :smile: TIA!

The app is really not designed or intended to be used outside.

I don’t do the canned workouts, but I think you can mark the workout as being completed outside (I believe that is true for rides, so it should work for runs).

thanks! I do half marathons about 2x a month, so skip the long run days on those weekends, but then I don’t have the completed! and I didn’t allow enough time on the treadmill for another workout and only got 7 of 10 miles in of the workout and got no credit! such a bummer! But I LOVE the app!

You should be able to manually mark the workouts completed outside.