Zwift in iOS: ability to run in the background

I bought a Stryd Footpod and I’m planning to use Zwift outside during runs.
As far as I know (didn’t try it right now but I found Zwift workouts in the background iOS) the Zwift app isn’t able to run as a background task.

So here’s a feature request:
For runners it would be great if they could start a run with Zwift and lock the screen (or bring a music app to front) without Zwift dropping connections to sensors or stopping to work.


It sounds good in theory, but I think the battery drain could be an issue with runs that are over an hour in duration.

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Battery drain surely is something to think about.
But it should be easy to find out if the app is running in background. In that case you could switch off the rendering of the graphics and just record the sensor data which should reduce the energy consumption.

Can you do the opposite? Start the music player and your tunes, then start Zwift? Spotify runs in the background on Android anyway, but I’ve no idea about iOS music apps.

I’m curious also what this would do to the data usage.

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In this case, since you don’t care to see other riders, you could go in airplane mode while running, then go back online when you’re done. That would also reduce battery consumption.

From my point of view running is different to cycling. The amount of people using or owning a treadmill should be much lower compared to the ownership of a smart trainer. In my case I only use treadmills when I’m staying in a hotel or something like that, most of my runs are done outside. But I’m interested in having my running data within Zwfit e.g. for leveling up or getting badges (btw: there are badges for 21 and 42km - who is able (and willing) to run that distances on a treadmill? So for me the only way to get this badges will be outside).
The interaction with others during a run is different compared to cycling. I’m not giving “ride ons” or doing chats while I’m running - my hands can’t be placed on a (virtual) keyboard here (they could but running might get more complicated then ;-). So all that interaction things are not that important. This is why I would be able to life without that. Same is for seeing the route or other bikers/runners. So in fact: I don’t need Zwift as an “entertaining factor” while I’m running outside. So there’s no need for interaction abilities or even seeing the graphics. It’s all about recording the run.
Another possibility to get runs inside Zwift would be an import function for (.fit)-files. It should be easy to match the sensor-data (speed, cadence, hf and so on but NOT the GPS data) to any Zwift route. Don’t know what might be easier…

I have a slightly different spin (groan) on this. I would like a ‘Outdoor’ mode for Zwift run. The Zwift run training plans are great, but even on my Pixel XL, all of the key metrics are tiny. Following along with the target pace during interval runs outdoors is currently very difficult as the current screen is laid out.

In ‘Outdoor mode’, you could show BIG graphics for current pace/speed, target pace/speed, HR, distance/time in current interval, distance/time to go. All of the data is right there on the current screen, Zwift would simply need to make a different ‘skin’ for Outdoor mode, eliminating all of the virtual world graphics (which is the biggest source of battery drain).

Should definitely be able to run in the background as well, as pulling up the music player is a frequent occurrence in running.