How does running in place work with the zwift pod

I’d like to buy zwift pod and run in place I will be racing against myself; also I have a maxiclimber since running in place is a similar movement to the maxiclimber can I do that also? I think zwift could get a new audience if they have a way to Include people with maxiclimbers. I don’t see any maxiclimber questions in the forum anywhere and there’s nothing online about it. Searched for days. If they(zwift developers) see this post and implement an option for people with maxiclimbers I want the credit lol

I had a similar thought- if you carried a wifi source, computer running Zwift, and a tracker pod, could you do Zwift running just by running outside? :thinking:

I do run outside with Zwift sometimes using Stryd or Zwift pod. I use an Iphone. The Zwift app has to be open and running. Cannot use in the background. It does work but a little clunky to actually view anything while running.

Yes. I’ve done it using my Garmin Fenix 6 (so no tracker pod needed) and running Zwift on my phone over 4G.

Cool! I guess you could use that as a mile-tracker(?) to some extent.
I figured it’d be a bit clunky to try and watch Zwift while running… :grinning:

It drains your battery at an alarming rate by the way.