Zwift for Outdoor Running


So I’m using a Garmin Ant+ foot pod. Trying to use Zwift Companion on an IPhone.

What are my options? From what I understand my IPhone can’t read Ant+. Can Zwift work with IPhone GPS or do I need another foot pod? Thanks!

You could use the 4iiii HRM or CABLE to bridge the Ant+ to Bluetooth.

Another option is the Stryd foot pod or the Zwift Pod.

You will not be able to really long runs since Zwift will drain your battery at a faster rate than other fitness apps. You could turn down the brightness to help a little.

Thanks Paul!

I couldn’t get my garmin to work with the 4iiii HRM, but I’ve got a stryd footpod working with iOS.

If you look up guided access for the iPhone it’s possible to reduce the brightness and then lock the screen open so you don’t accidentally turn off zwift :slight_smile: