Zwift Run on iOS with Garmin Run HRM

The Zwift Run knowledge base indicates Garmin ANT+ footpod as being compatible with Zwift but how do you get it to connect to an iOS device that only connects by Bluetooth? I know about the CABLE conversion device  but was wondering if there’s any other way (maybe through an indirect connection like: ANT+ sensor - Garmin watch - Garmin Connect iOS app - Zwift iOS app. Maybe? 

You cannot use your Garmin watch, Garmin app or your phone to bridge ANT+. Your only options are CABLE, the 4iiii HRM or the lightning to 30 pin adapter and the Wahoo ANT+ Key (this has been flacky since the latest Apple iOS updates). 

The Stryd Live or the full featured Stryd are the best options for running. They need no calibration and work accurately at all speeds/paces. The Garmin and Milespod need to be calibrated and are only accurate at the calibrated speed, anything above or below it tends to be less accurate.