Garmin HRM Dual and Garmin RD Pod

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Does anyone know if the Garmin HRM Dual can act as a BlueTooth to Ant+ bridge to connect a Garmin Running Dynamics Pod to Zwift on an iPad Pro 12.9”? Really hope Zwift add the new RD Pod to compatibility list.

  1. The Garmin Running Dynamics Pod is not supported as a speed source for Zwift. This is a limitation of the device since it does not give pace or speed data, not a Zwift issue.

  2. The ONLY 2 devices that can act as a bridge for ANT+ device to connect to iOS is the NPE CABLE and the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM

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Many thanks Paul for the clear info. There are mixed opinions on the web.

On a side note, if I was just to buy the Zwift pod for running are the problems still there for innacurate high and low pace (below and above 12.1 kph)


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I have seen some people praise and other can’t stand it.

I have a Stryd and have has zero issues with it.