Garmin HRM-Pro for running

I have a Garmin Fenix 5, iPhone and a treadmill. I want to use Zwift to do some running and therefore have to purchase something that measures speed and cadence for Zwift. I know i can purchase a Zwift run pod (or similar), but i might as well just purchase the new Garmin HRM-Pro belt. Will this belt be sufficient.

No, the Garmin HRM Pro Belt cannot be used on Zwift as a speed or cadence source.

Are you sure? Some shops claim it can. It has Ant+ and Bluetooth, just like the HRM-Dual.
The online shops says it can transfere data to both the Garmin device over Ant+ and simultaneous send it to training apps like Zwift, but is this only hart rate data and not speed and cadence. The HRM strap measures both.

It will not send speed and cadence data to Zwift.