Heartrate Chest strap - Question


I have the Gamrin HRM-Tri™ which is not compatible as it has only ANT+.
So I cannot decide if I should buy the HRM Pro or the HRM Dual which is a lot of cheaper than the pro but without Running dynamics.
Does it make sense to use the strap running dynamics on a treadmill in combination with Zwift?

Or will it be a better solution to use my standard equipemnt - Fenix 5x linked wioth the strap and use Zwift without monitoring the heartrate?

All the Best Michael

That HRM IS compatible with Zwift depending on your setup.

Search the forums, there are numerous issue with that HRM and Zwift.

The Garmin Pro Running Dynamics is not compatible with Zwift.

If you are looking for a Bluetooth HRM I would recommend a Wahoo Tickr.

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Thank you !
I want use Zwift on my MyRun Technogym with the iPad pro

Unless you record your runs in parallel on a compatible device - most likely a Garmin watch.

As I stated, not compatible with Zwift, but ya it would work with a Garmin Watch.

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… leaving one then with the issue of figuring what to do from all this wonderful data - but that’s another debate entirely.