Garmin HRM-Pro as cadence sensor

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If I have a treadmill paired as a speed sensor in Zwift Running, is it possible to pair the Garmin HRM-Pro as both a HR and cadence sensor?

I’ve dug through the forums on this but can’t seem to get a conclusive answer. Thanks for any help!



Yes it is possible:

I paired the HRM Pro to everything lol. I wouldn’t expect perfect results though.
This is also NOT my setup for Running. I have the HRM Pro only for HR, and a Stryd for speed and cadence.

But if you don’t have anything else, as you can see, it would work.

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I posted about this a few months ago when Garmin launched the HRM Pro+ and dropped the firmware update for the Pro. Both can be used as speed and cadence sensors, but I found the accuracy is pretty poor compared to the NPE Runn sensor I am already using.

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Thanks for the replies. I would not expect the HRM-Pro to be accurate for speed but do you find it’s not accurate for cadence as well?

I am currently using a Runn (speed+cadence) with a regular HR strap for heart rate. I’m having issues with the Runn so I’m replacing it with the GEMRetro for treadmill speed which means I would need something for cadence.

If I can get accurate cadence from the HRM I would just upgrade my chest strap. Otherwise I will get some kind of footpod for cadence tracking but that means having an extra device to keep track of and charged. So I’m hoping thr HRM dual can do HR and cadence for me.

Search eBay for an “Adidas MiCoach Bluetooth Speed Cell”. There are ANT+ and BLE version so get whichever you need for the device(s) you run Zwift on - it’s the cheapest footpod available that works with Zwift. I can’t comment on accuracy other that it’ll be comparable to most footpods, short of the very expensive Stryd.

NPE-Runnn is ideal.

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I figured out a solution! My Garmin watch has a virtual run mode that will transmit cadence to Zwift. Also HR if I don’t feel like wearing my chest strap.

It also does pace although of course that’s not going to be very accurate. It came up about 8% short on distance, although when I saved the file I calibrated it to the Runn distance and then the resulting workouts looked pretty similar. Still not something I would want to rely on.

I’m having problems with the Runn unit, it seems to lose accuracy or even cut out during runs. Also the incline feature has never worked properly despite a lot of tech support. Not to mention my kids play on the treadmill and have a habit of knocking the cradle off the machine so it’s lifespan may be limited.

I’ll keep using it for speed until my GemRetro unit arrives but I’m looking forward to having something hardwired to the treadmill.

Thanks for the replies everyone.


I went on Zwift today for the first time in a while and, lo and behold, the HRM-Pro will now pair to Zwift as a cadence sensor. Figured I would update this thread in case anyone else is searching.